Welcome to Summer Playgroup in the Courtyard

JUNE 2014 - Wednesdays 10am-1pm

Ages: Newborn to 3 years

$7  for drop in (cash or credit) per family
$20 for a month pass (cash or credit) per family

Assortment of healthy snacks for all babes and parents - store bought and homemade.

Different structured activity for each class along with free play inside and outside.  See the Calendar for a list of the activities and additional instructions (ie: water play -bring a towel / swimsuit optional)

We are located at :
334 1/2 Laveta Terrace
Los Angeles, Ca 90026

From the street look for 336 Laveta Terrace. Then follow the walk way on the right all the way to the back. You will probably be able to feel the fun from the street.

Please email to introduce yourself and let me know how many kids you will be coming with as well as their ages.  And of course email me with any questions or concerns. LVKM(at)mac(.)com

Calendar for June 2014

The summer is upon us and boy is it hot! Let's get together and sweat together!

  Wednesdays 10am-1pm

4th - Water Fun! there will be a water area for the very littles as well as a water area for the big littles to go nuts at.  Swimsuits are optional. Please bring towels for babes.

11th - Father's Day craft!  We will be making a craft for the dad's. There will be a photo taken if you want your babe in something special.

18th - Veggie Painting!  Aprons will be supplied for toddlers and paint will be washable but there is a chance it could get on their clothes or shoes.

25th - Surprise!!!